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FHA Singapore-The premier sourcing platform for food and hospitality

FHA Singapore-The premier sourcing platform for food and hospitality

Since its debut in 19778, FHA(FOOD  & hotel Asia) has always been the premier souceing platform for thousands of food and hospitality trade buyers in Asia.
The event showcases spectacular and latest products, services and technology from market leader, addresses the procurement needs of trade buyers and provides networking opportunities for Asia ‘s food and hospitality industry.
The AMIRA Foods pavilion took its pride of place at the expo spread across  a vast expanse of exhibiting space. AMIRA showcased all its major rice brands including AMIRA Pure Basmati Rice, AMIRA good length Basmati Rice, daily Fresh and numerous agro commodities at the event. The stall enjoyed the patronage of trade business enquiries –indeed a response which was overwhelming.


AMIRA Placement at Super Irvine

AMIRA Placement at Super Irvine
The broaden its base and find top of shelf awareness and heading towards wide placements, AMIRA recently introduced its brands AMIRA Good length BasmatiRice and AMIRA Good  Health Brown  Basmati Rice at  super Irvine, Which has  been a Persian grocery staple for decades. Super Irvine is a fun market to stroll around in and to gaze at the various ethnic items .The great mix of  Persian, Indian and British products prices reasonably encourage you to try.


The AMIRA FOODS plant at Harsaru was host to prospective buyers from South Afirca.
They were escorted on a tour of the plant and the technological infrastructure, capacity
,packaging, the quality control laboratory and the highest standards of hygiene adhered  to by AMIra which created a lasting impression on them.
Interaction with the core team at the plant followed by a working lunch provided the impetus and confidence in the prospective buyer and new markets for http://www.amirafoods.com/index/managementAMIRA.


 There was a buzz of activity at the AMIRA Food Factory in Gurgaon with the inauguration of its new grading plant in its premises for which a pooja was organized.
This new grading plant with the latest technology upgradation can mill up to 672000 MT per annum.

Open culture and opinions polling in corporate boosts corporate Productivity 
From the humblest entry level employee to the upper management that participates in enacting policy and oversees the efficient running of daily operations, everyone within
A firm is able to express their ideas and opinions without threat of recourse.
In many businesses it is the mid-level employees that have the most insight to share about the productivity of the office. By making suggestions that can improve the efficiently or effectiveness of the profit machine, relation between employee are open to positive feedback and helpful communication that can benefit a business and make it more industrious for its clients.
The sense of community that exists in the open culture of commercial enterprise has greatly changed how the loyalty of the people working for the organization interact  with each other and how they engage with clients. By treating each person as an important contributing member of the corporate family, businesses are receiving greater respect from their staff and translating their caring approach to human resources into greater profits from their commercial clientele.
With this see-through approach to the structure of the enterprise individuals to longer feel intimidated by their employer and are more willing to share their ideas for improving the day-to –day operations without fear of reprimand.
AS a result of the transparent nature of upper management, some corporation are also encouraging their employees to post their opinions in online forums that are dedicated
To the influential movers and shakers that sit in the big chair. with the ability to comment on the pros and cons of their working environment, people are finding an outlets to express their feelings and can make suggestions for what their leadership can do improve working condition for everyone.
AMIRA FOODS has taken this thought forward and to promote open culture initiative, has installed a suggestion Box in its premises, where employees can express their views and suggestions each of their opinions are welcomed by the  management without bias and valuable suggestions reimplemented down the line.

“MOM IN MILLION “contest for Mothers day

“MOM IN MILLION “contest for Mothers day
Mother’s day is the time to say a big thank you to mother. A time to say thank you for being  a constant inspiration and an icon of selfless love and care in our lives.
Through Mother’s day is an inspiration  from the west ,a mother is a mother and Mothers day today in India has captured its own niche and is just as universal.
The whole idea of celebrating Mother’s day is to thank mother ,to make her feel important on this auspicious day.
In keeping with the spirit of Mother’s day AMIRA Foods India Limited  Organised the “AMIRA foods Mother’s Day contest” for its consumer. Like AMIRA Pure Basmati ,your Mom is responsible for making your special occasion really special.
These special moment make her the “Mom in  a Million” and AMIRA Pure Basmati would like to help you say a special “Thank You” to her.
The participants had to answer just three simple questions.
1.      Your Mom’s best advice to you-(In not more than  8 words)
2.      Send in your MOM and  Your’ s best Picture (only two of you)
3.      You Mom’s best Rice recipe

The best entries were given prizes .the first prizes winner received an IFB Microwave and AMIRA Pure Basmati Rice Hamper comprising 5kgs. Of AMIRA Pure Basmati Rice along with recipe booklets, chef caps, key rings and a Kitchen Calendar.

The second winner received an IFB kettle and AMIRA Pure Basmati Rice Hamper.
The campaign was successfully held in the DLF City CLUB and NOIDA GOLF CLUB.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajesh Nangru, VP sales & Marketing, AMIRA Foods India Ltd said, “ We at AMIRA Foods believe in our vision of food connect from top to bottom and extending the same at the consumer level is our Focus is in all our endeavors.”

AMIRAsignage at WALMART store, Zirakpu

  AMIRAsignage at WALMART store, Zirakpur
The sampling activity brought a good response and was relished by numerous Visitors  who were driven by the aroma to the store during the weekend.

To Promote brand visibility and attract maximum eyeballs, AMIRA recently  occupied Prime space at the premium location at  Zirakpur’s  WALMART store.
In the store a major attraction was the wet sampling activity, where the customer and visitor got a taste of delicious Biryani made from AMIRA Pure Basmati Rice carefully prepared by a leading caterer. 
QPS scheme for HORECA segement at ANDHRA PRADESH

AMIRA  recently launched an exclusive scheme in Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with its channel partner –M/s Modern Marketing on GURU BASMATI RICE, an immensely  popular product  in Andhra Pardesh. The QPS scheme was introduced specially for the HORECA customers and will run for the full year and entitle customers to win exciting prizes.



 The rice bowl is sac in every home in Japan.                                                                                                                                It is perceived as the life giver.

Relationship are meant to last .Relationship Marketing is not just about having a 
“buddy” relationship with your customers as customers do not wish to have that .
Relationship Marketing uses the event-driven tactics of customer retention marketing, 
and treat marketing as a process over time, rather than single unconnected events.
By  moulding the marketing message and tatics to the lifecycle of the customer, the relationship marketing  approaches able to achieve a very high customer satisfaction with highly profitable results.
Keeping this in mind, using the Relationship Marketing methodology, AMIRA recently customized programs for individual consumer groups. The ubiquitous customer and his/her role in driving business growth occupied the center –stage at the Mothers Day celebrations Planned in the “     Mom in a Million Contest”.
A perfect example of “Emotional connect “ with the customer ,compliments and enhances brand of a product and its company.